H – Boudoir

The thought of “boudoir” use to intimidate me but I learned that boudoirs can be such a lovely way  to express beauty, art and femininity without objectifying the woman’s body.  These intimate and tender images would make a sweet gift for the groom or it could just be a wonderful way to embrace you and where you are now. That’s exactly what we did for H’s portrait session…we celebrated her creativity, independence, big heart and beauty.

Pamela and John – West Village Engagement

These two are beyond adorable and so sweet! We spent the afternoon walking around the west village exchanging stories and even stopping for a drink. Did I mention how much I LOVE my job?! So excited to shoot their wedding in May!

Lee Family

The Lees are pretty much family to us. Tom and my husband go way back…like boom boxes and demin jackets way back!

Tom and his wife, Christina, are one of the most brilliant and sweet-natured people we know so it’s no surprise that they made incredibly bright, adorable and kind children. This sister and brother duo have such a special relationship, it was an absolute joy photographing them during their visit to nyc.

Martha Stewart’s Top Photograhers

When I got married 8 years ago, there were no Style Me Pretty, Pinterest or wedding planning iphone apps to help me plan my dream wedding. I went to the bookstore and bought Martha Stewart Weddings magazines and her books because that was what was considered to be the ultimate guide for wedding style and inspiration. NEVER in my wildest dream did I think my name would one day be in the magazine! After three years of being in this wonderful business, I am so incredibly honored and humbled to be named one of Martha Stewart’s Top Photographers alongside some of my heroes in the Spring issue!! My deepest thanks goes out to my dear family, friends, colleagues, clients, and Shira @MarthaStewart for all their love and support. I am completely floored. There are no words for the gratitude I feel. Please go grab the spring issue on March 3…I know I will!

west palm beach – personal

In a house filled with boys, I know I will never be short of having a valentine! I treasure these innocent days where my boys tell me that they want to marry me  and proudly hand me a card with hearts and scribbles. My husband, so full of integrity and character, is an amazing role model for them and I am very blessed to have him as my forever.

The past several days have been incredibly rough here in New York and have me dreaming of the warmer days. So I thought I’d share some images from our trip to West Palm Beach last fall. We stayed at The Breakers and had a wonderful time. It was just eating, sleeping and frolicking on the beach on repeat. Can someone please take me back?

Wishing everyone a lovely Valentine’s Day!